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Saturday, December 8, 2007

more family photos

Two naked boys
Gus likes to wear his uncle kevin's football pads!
Here's Max with the hog!
Here's Gus with a goat at the Coconino County fair

Family album

Max is always happy to eat!
This is the outside of our house.

Look at that full moon! ax Fox.
Here is Gus watching a tarantula that we found in Grandma's yard. Yuk!

family news

Here is Gus fishing at Oak Creek with his grandpa fox.

This is Gus playing in our back yard with our new dog Boo. They both get very muddy!

This is me with my new car that I earned with Mary Kay. I picked it up 2 days ago, and it has onstar!

Our project

Many of you know that we are remodeling a house. This is a picture of my brother in law, Brad, and Gus. They are finishing up the mudding and taping in the living room. There used to be dark wood paneling on the walls.

This is the bathroom in the hallway. Obviously we tore the whole thing out. We are starting from scratch in there, but we will do this one first and then tear out the master bathroom.
This is our beautiful master bathroom. There used to be carpet on top of those 3 layers of linoleum on the floor.
This is our bedroom. I don't know if you can see it, but there is a beautiful custom paint job!

This is Gus and Max's room. All the white spots on the wall are from spackled holes.

Here is our dining area. It is usually not that messy, but we have a lot of the stuff that is supposed to be in the living room in the kitchen right now.
This is our lovely kitchen! We tore out the upper cabinets already, and we are leaving in the lower ones until we redo the kitchen. They are really strange cabinets, but they work for now.
This is our front room, and that door is our front door. Right now this is where we are storing most of the tools and junk that we are using to remodel the house. This is the biggest room, and it is going to be really nice when we are done.
This is our purple room. This is my Mary Kay office/computer room/storage room for all of the boxes we won't unpack until the house is closer to done. It looks a little smaller here than it actually is!

Now just turn your head to the side because I don't want to take the time to figure out how to flip this. This is our laundry room. That is the washer and dryer that we found on the side of the road. We now know why they were free: because the washer doesn't drain. The good news is that the dryer works! That is our new dog, Boo.

Hello Everyone

Well, There are a lot of our family and friends who have not had the chance to visit us in Flagstaff, so I created this blog to show you how our lives are coming a long here. I hope you enjoy!