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Friday, July 18, 2008

yep, I'm a lame blogger

Well, as you all can tell by now, blogging is not my strength, but I do have some excuses. Our computer broke about a week ago, and we are seeing if we can get it fixed. I can't wait to post some new pictures because our house is basically done except for a few loose ends, and for those of you who have been following my posts, you will hardly even recognize it. That is basically all I do is eat, sleep, take care of my kids and work on my house. Soon, we will have normal lives again where we can do fun things on weekends, and relax at night. I am becoming a pro caulker and painter though. You should see me go. Gus is a hoot, he says some of the most ridiculous things, and he is very social. He loves to talk to everyone he sees. The other night, we were over at my in-laws house and my sister in law, Kelliane was changing her little baby boy's diaper. Gus walked over and watched over her shoulder. Then he said, "Kelliane, your baby has such a cute weenie." We were rolling with laughter. I knew he just wanted to give her a compliment on her baby, but didn't realize what he was saying was a little bit off. Anyway, every day he says funny stuff. I need to be better at writing it down. Max is a dancer these days, but he usually just taps one leg. There's not much movement in the upper body. It is hillarious. Any time he hears any kind of music, he rocks out to it. My pregnancy is going great. I am not sick any more. I am 20 weeks along now, and I am still not really showing. I just feel like my stomach has more rolls, but I swear, that baby is pushing all my organs around, because it feels like it is just jammed in there. I already have to pee all the time. Well, hopefully we can get our computer working and I will post some pics.