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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lake Louise Family pictures

Before we went to Canada, we asked my sister-in-law Jocelyn if she would take some family pictures of us while we were there. On the day we went to Banff, we thought it was just so amazing, that we had to take our pictures there. This way we figured that even though we looked a little rough around the edges, nobody would notice because they would be looking at the beauty around us. Anyway, we got some cute ones, thanks to Jocelyn.

The ones of the kids are my favorite.

This was seriously one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The earth really is amazing!

Christmas family pictures

Paul's family is really good about taking lots and lots of pictures. In the moment, some times it annoys me. I hate posing, and smiling, and trying to make the children look at the camera, but in the end I am grateful, because we have a lot of good pictures. My dear sister-in-law Jocelyn took these of us last Christmas. For some reason, Gus looks like he has braces. Maybe he just ate an oreo or something. My favorite thing about these is that they are taken on the fish bench that is on my in-laws front porch. I love this bench. Their home would just not be the same with out it.