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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good Work Out!

One day, I walked into our office to find my kids doing this. I thought it was hillarious. I realize that most moms would probably discourage this, but I just think it is too cute, and Gus is really good at controlling the speed on the treadmill.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, things have been a little weird around here lately. Not exactly the usual ho-hum, so I just really have not gotten around to posting until now. I mean, that is a really lame excuse, I guess I just didn't really want to sit down and post. My free time has seemed better used as a nap or something. Anyway, it's good to be back in business. I guess I will try to sum up the happenings of the last month.

1. My grandma Jeppson passed away early in December. It was a beautiful funeral. She was such and elegant and charitable woman. It was neat that she was able to go be with my grandpa. I love her and will miss her.

2. Paul graduated from NAU with his business management degree. What a man! I am so proud of him. I will get the pictures and post them later.

3. Christmas came and went. It was a lot of fun, and my boys love it more and more each year.

If you were wondering, Santa is my dad. My grandpa Gustafson used to be Santa every Christmas Eve. The tradition continues!

4. Paul's brother and his wife and daughter came to visit from Canada, so we had a Fox family filled week. Hooray! We really love them and it was so fun to see them.

5. Cash was blessed at the beginning of January, and we were supposed to have a luncheon at our house, but it was snowing, and no one was able to make it up the hill to our house. Our cars just kept sliding down the hill. We got slightly crunched by another sliding car. All in all, it didn't go exactly as planned, but we had the bishop take us to our house in his 4 wheel drive suburban; we told everyone else just to head home because of the weather, and we enjoyed delicious tacos with a nice cup of hot chocolate and took a nap. Because of all of the hullaballoo, we didn't get any pictures of the occasion. Booo!

6. Max had a birthday. We had a little party with family and some friends. It was also our good friend Lois Price's birthday. He turned 2 and she turned 82.

This is the pinata we made. A monkey for my monkey!

7. Cash got RSV, and has been in the hospital all week. Of course I have been with him the whole time, and he is doing really well. I have had all of my babies right in the middle of RSV season, so it was bound to get us at least once. I'm just glad it was with my third and not my first. I think it would have been a lot harder as a first-time mom. He is out of the hospital right now, and he is doing better. We are not completely out of the clear, but he is doing great.

8. School started this week. Luckily I am only taking 2 classes: My CNA class and Anatomy and Physiology 2. Paul came to the hospital and stayed with the baby while I went to class. I don't know what he did with Gus and Max. Probably just let them run amuck! (not really) I think my classes will be fun, and I am applying for the nursing program next month. Wish me luck. I am not very confident that I will get in the first semester, but I have time.

Well, that is it! Good times. I hope everyone is doing swell!