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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ashley Lake Montana

Well, here we all are. The beautiful Fox family, minus Carrie because she is serving the Lord in Phillie. We all went up to Montana this summer to enjoy the scenic Ashley Lake. What a blast. Paul's brother, Jeff, married well! His inlaws own this cabin right on the edge of this beautiful lake. They let us stay there and even drove us around on their boat...all day, every day! It was honestly the most relaxing, fun-filled vacations I have been on in a long time! Gus kept asking us when we were going to go to Hannah Montana. He has no idea who she is, he just has heard it around, so when we said we were going to Montana, he thought we were going to Hannah Montana.

Here we are testing out the water for the first time!

Here is part of the group getting ready to go out on the boat. Every cabin on the lake has their own dock for their boat. Pretty cool huh!

We went to Glacier National Park. Seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. You drive up the road called the high way to the sun, and I wonder how people can question whether there is a God when they see something as amazing as that!

As you can see, we had all the necessities! (yes, that is ice cream)

Here we are roasting hot dogs and s'mores for lunch one day.

There was this Robin's nest by their front door. The bird had abandoned the nest a few weeks earlier. Look at how perfect those little eggs look, and so bright blue. Robin's sure know how to lay eggs in style!

Just a little something we cooked up for the family talent show! It was funny because Gus had no idea what a chip n dale was so he thought it was some kind of super hero like Spider man. He kept doing all kinds of kicks and punches and telling everyone he was a chip n dale. He was so proud. If only he knew...

Here are all the grand kids with Jana. They made some super fun glasses with Granny!

My boys loved this tube. I wish you could have seen how hard they laughed when we played bumper tubes. Gus's laugh was almost sinister!

here's me just chillin with my little Cashew.

Daddy and Max tested out the water. Max would not let us let go of him.

I thought this picture was hilarious. This is me falling after I had learned how to wake surf. Very glamourous!

This is what it is supposed to look like. For those of you who have not done this, it is the funnest thing ever. You actually surf on the wake! You use the rope to get up, and once you find the right place in the wake, you can throw the rope into the boat and just surf on the wake. What a blast! I loved trying a whole bunch of new things behind this boat. I even got a lot better at wake boarding. I can get a little bit of air now. It is only a matter of time before I am doing flips and 360's.

There were no life jackets quite small enough for Cash. Poor guy.

Here is Gus holding a big toad that we found. I tried kissing it, but nothing happened, so I guess I am still stuck with Paul.

I got to take this Robin egg home with me as a keep sake. All in all, a great vacation. A whole week without cell phone service shared with all of my awesome family! What more could I ask for?