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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wigwam living

For our anniversary, we decided to go to the Snowflake temple, and then stay over night in a hotel. Luckily for us, the Wigwam hotel is in Holbrook, in between Flagstaff and Snow flake. We always said we wanted to stay in these. I must admit they were pretty old, and not very nice, but you can't beat spending your anniversary in a tee pee.

They have a bunch of old cars parked throughout the whole parking lot. It really reminds me of the movie Cars. Here are some modeling pictures of Paul and I.

This was our fifth anniversary, and I must say, the longer we are married, the more I realize that we haven't even been married that long. There was a couple working in the temple who had been married 55 years...only 50 years longer than us. Here's to another 50 years!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fathers and Sons

So last weekend was father's and sons, and I am considering having all boys so that I can have one weekend all to myself for the rest of my life. Oh how delightful. Of course, this time, Paul did not take the baby, but Gus and Max were out of my hair for the night. They did, however, come home much to early the next morning. I had all of these visions of going garage selling the next morning and getting my house completely spotless before they returned, but I realized one night is just not enough time for all the things I want to do when I am not dragging kids along. Any way, here are some pictures. By the way, the bath tub water was completely brown when I bathed these boys the next day. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty!