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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Come listen to a prophet's voice...and have a little fun too!

So we had the opportunity to go to General Conference this October and enjoy the spirit, the weather, and fun times with family.

Here are Paul and the boys in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building standing in front of the statue of the prophet Joseph Smith.

Paul took this picture of the boys, and I thought it was a really fun perspective.

I wish I could say the kids were purely interested in sitting and listening to the words of the prophet, but they were actually more interested in doing things like this.

Dot was looking angelic all dressed in white.

The boys in the visitors center

Here's a nicer version of the earlier picture, except Cash still thinks he is supposed to be silly.

Here are my kids in front of the Christ statue in the visitors center. It was beautiful. I don't know the random little boy in the picture. His parents just let him hang out up there by the statue, so I think that he is probably in about 10 different people's family pictures. Super cute kid!

This was on BYU's campus. While Paul and Max were at the football game, we hung out and played on the grass. I love this picture because the way these girls are looking at eachother. Adalyn and Alise are like, "what the heck is wrong with that girl?"

beautiful little girls!

Cosmo made an appearance at the restaurant we were eating at. Jana was in seventh heaven. She gave him a huge hug. My kids were in such a bad mood from fighting aweful traffic for the past 2 hours, just to get from Salt Lake to Provo, that they did not want anything to do with Cosmo. Let's just say the construction everywhere was less than helpfull during our stay. Overall, conference weekend is always a whirlwind, especially trying to split time between Paul's family and mine (sorry Kary, we didn't take any pictures with you and your girls), but we love it, and we especially love the wonderful spirit that we feel when we gather to listen to a prophet of the Lord!


Rogers Family said...

What an amazing experience to have with your kiddos!! Your boys make me laugh. They seem to be just like my boys. They're too crazy even just to stand still for 5 seconds to get a good picture :-P

J Fox said...

I love the pictures of the three girls, they totally look like cousins and they are going to be such good friends!