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Friday, October 28, 2011

Gustafson Halloween Party

Here is Dot in our Despicable Me minion goggles. They are so funny, and my kids love to play with them. Max even wanted to be a minion for Halloween, so we bought a yellow hoodie and some overalls from Goodwill, and we were set to go. The only problem is that the goggles are nowhere to be found. We have been looking for the last 3 weeks. Grrrr!

Here are some of my beautiful nieces and nephews with their carved Jack'o'lanterns. I'm not really sure how that word is punctuated, but I did my best.

We did donuts on a string, which is always very fun to watch. Gus wanted to be a mime this year: I think because of the mime on the movie Tangled.

My nephew Nik was, by far, the most fun to watch in this particular activity. It took that kid a long time to get his donut off the string.

Max, on the other hand, made quick work of his.

From Left to right: Gus, Nik holding Dot, Ally holding Grayson, Brody, Max, Tyler with a paper in his face, and Cash. (Sorry Tyler)

Here they are again displaying their carved pumpkins. I know, Cash does not have a pumpkin...don't judge.

Here is Gus digging out his pumpkin guts.

Max and I worked together.

Messy, messy. There is nothing better than a pile of slimy pumpkin guts. I love Halloween. So much fun!

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